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Residential Music


American Home Theater specializes in Whole House Audio. We will work with builders, home owners and designers to come up with a, flawless, easy to operate, whole house audio system.

A System can be installed using Cat5E as the wire from the Audio/Video closet to each keypad in any room that you want Music.  A separate network can be installed from the audio routers to the keypads. Most systems can handle 4 sources and up to 27 zones.

Premium 8inch speakers can be installed 2 to a room in every room. Speakers are in turn wired to each keypad in that room to create a zone.

One of the most used sources in most installations is Sonos. Sonos allows the homeowner to control all music with Iphone, Ipad, Ipod and a PC or Mac. They also can use a dedicated Sonos controller.

Since Sonos will play all your music currently on any computer, such as ITUNES, Pandora, Spotify or any CD that you own.  American Home Theater can install a 1 terabyte hard-drive as part of the system.  Music, as it is added to your computer is auto downloaded to the network hard-drive to be available to the Music System.

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